Audio Conversion
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Audio Conversion


Need your old vinyl or cassettes transferred to digital? Don't let your valuable family moments fade with obsolete media. We offer all types of audio conversion, such as:

  • Vinyl to digital
  • Cassette to digital
  • Reel 2 Reel to digital
  • CD/DVD backup

We have multiple options for conversion, such as:

  • Mp3 or other digital formats sent to you online
  • Burn to CD/DVD

 We touch up the audio if necessary (such as removing clicks, pops, and scratches or adjusting the speed and pitch) and adjust the volume to make it as loud as possible without distortion. We retain backups of the audio that has been converted for several months (unless you request we delete our copies). If your files or discs become lost, we can replace them for a small fee.

Prices vary according to length of time required but it generally runs $25/hour. Time spent excludes the length of your audio or video and only counts the time spent on converting it.